Press Metal Works

Here at JTF Fabrication we have installed our own metal press and guillotine in house. This now enables us to complete press metal works in house and take Cad drawing specification elements through to the completed product. This increases our ability to create folded metal works in greater quantities and at increased speeds. Following the installation of these brand-new pieces of machinery we would welcome the opportunity to tender for any of your mill, PPC or stainless-steel pressed metal requirements.

How does a metal press work?

A metal press is simply a flatbed with a pressing ram or rod, this is actuated either hydraulically, pneumatically or mechanically. When making a metal press part, you must insert 2 halves of the metal press tool into the press, after this you bolt the bottom of the tool to the flatbed and then the top of the tool to the ram or rod. After you have done this, you can feed the sheet metal material into the machine, from here the metal will be pressed in between the two halves of the tool and it will then be pressed into the shape you want it to be.

Our machines at JTF feature 4-axis CNC control of the left and right ram cylinders, the back gauge depth and back gauge height. The position of these two cylinders is fully synchronised with high precision scales on the side frames ensuring ram parallelism.
The machines follow a rigorous design and manufacturing process to ensure minimum deflection of the machine frame under maximum working pressure. AKAS laser tooling guards are standard and offer a vastly improved operator experience without compromising safety.

If you have any queries, please contact us by phone at 01924 480135 or email us at, we will be more than happy to answer anything you need.