Press metal works at JTF

Did you know at JTF Fabrications we have installed our own metal press and guillotine in house? This now enables us to complete press metal works in house and take Cad drawing specification elements through to the completed products. This increases our ability to create folded metal works in greater quantities and at increased speeds!

There are many different advantages to metal pressing, one of these advantages is that it is suitable for a large range of different applications. Metal press works has evolved massively over many years as you can now have more modern presses such as hydraulic or pneumatic which can offer you better quality of service. Another advantages of metal press works are that it can be used to produce a wide range of elements for a variety of different industries.

Metal pressing is important for a smooth operation as it produces an increase in ability to create folded metal works in greater quantities at increased speeds. Metal press works is also completed at a reasonable price even though it has high energy usage, it continues to be an affordable solution and will fit your businesses budget, giving you smooth operations.

If you are looking for high volume with a quality polished or powder-coated finish, we are geared to turn around your projects quickly.

If you have any queries, please contact us by phone at 01924 480135 or email us at, we will be more than happy to answer anything you need.