Stainless steel and glass canopies

JTF Fabrications was formed in October 2012. Luke and Gary worked for numerous well known large companies and between them they have gained 50 years’ experience in fabrication, with their experience, skills and knowledge in bespoke fabrication they are able to provide a speedy and efficient service using only the top-grade fabrication available for a fast turn out.

At JTF Fabrications we can handle large orders for multiple stainless steel and glass canopies or even for a one-off bespoke design, we pride ourselves in having a flexible work force and production facilities which give us the ability to produce any size of order. In the past we have had an order for a simple stainless-steel canopy for an industrial unit, here a modern functional rain shelter was needed for the entrance way to the company’s office. We manufactured, supplied and fitted a beautiful yet simple canopy which complimented the existing modern building.

Stainless steel and glass canopies not only give a modern and
classy look to your building, they are highly functional and can also be added to almost any building.

We are the one stop shop for bespoke stainless-steel work. Shopping centres, schools, retail parks and homes have all benefitted from our expert manufacturing experience. If you have any queries, please contact us by phone at 01924 480135 or email us at, we will be more than happy to answer anything you need.

Our address
Sands Industrial Estate
Huddersfield Road
WF14 9DQ